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Lampe designer recyclée


Refined. Unique. Sophisticated. Our objects are thanks to our handmade manufacture, allowing to achieve a refined simplicity. By incorporating plastic or organic waste, such as tea grounds, shredded plastic or charcoal into some of our products, we challenge ourselves to transform the waste, doomed to destruction, into absolute, destined to remain . Our craftsmanship gives our objects their singularity. Just as custom manufacturing offers distinct and personal items.


A moving universe, an evolving whole, Moodlight Studio's vocation is to create objects that are primarily functional, above all unique. Combining the desire to fluctuate in a sustainable world, with a heterogeneous aesthetic taste, we explore new modes of creation.


By exploring the possibilities offered by the recovery of organic waste as plastic, we are establishing an atypical eco-aesthetic line. Our artisan vision completes this process, since we manufacture by hand, in small series or on order.


Interconnected and airy, our lights bring a burst of poetry. They give free rein to the imagination: interchangeable, modular, interactive, everyone is then sovereign and can invent their own luminous universe. By simply touching our objects, we modify its shape or we play with light, forming a real connection. Our products are then undergoing an incessant metamorphosis, an evolution supported by the communication between the collections.

Design recyclage
Lampe design recyclée


In the choice and development of our materials, we choose diversity. Most of our products are made from Jesmonite, a mineral based and solvent-free acrylic resin. Non-toxic, very resistant, this material is environment friendly. 


As we focus on the sustainability of our materials, and the reuse of waste, we collaborate with local businesses. For example, we collect plastic waste from a factory in the area. To vary the resources used, we are also working with a tea room in Besançon, collecting tea grounds that we incorporated in some of our lights. Each waste thus edifying a pattern of its own.



A student of Fine Arts, then of the Gobelins school, Amaury Lonchamp began as a photographer for decorators and architects in London. In a few years, accustomed to rubbing shoulders with such pieces of furniture, he let himself be seduced by the subject, and thought of creating his own design studio. From his balcony in London, he experiments, researches, develops, not without difficulty, in order to lead to his project, Moodlight Studio. After three years of experimentation he set up his workshop in France, and today presents his collection.

Miroir designer
Lampe design


Studio C, 56 rue Charles Edouard Guillaume

25000 Besançon, France

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